Breach Of Statutory Duty Health And SafetyConcerns often arise when men and women confuse civil law obligations with an organisation’s duties below well being and safety law. Section 47(2) of the HSWA 1974 had provided a correct of action for breach of a duty contained in a wellness and security regulation (a regulation produced under section 15 of the HSWA 1974) if that breach triggered harm. This web page clarifies the differences in between the two kinds of law and how health and safety law applies to voluntary organisations.

In certain, Professor Löfstedt honed in on these regulations which imposed strict liability on employers, generating them liable for injuries suffered by their employees at function, regardless of the extent to which the employer in query had sought to comply with its health and safety duties and whether or not it had taken all affordable methods to protect its personnel from harm.

It is not feasible to sue for damages under the HSW Act itself even though a breach of overall health and safety regulations could be cited as part of a civil claim for compensation primarily based on a breach of statutory duty. Underwood v Nuffield Wellness: Represented Claimant beneath Direct Skilled Access in unfair dismissal claim in Reading employment tribunal. The new section is primarily based on the suggestions of Professor Löfstedt in an independent report on well being and safety legislation in 2012. There will, as a basic rule, be no civil enforcement for breach of well being and security regulations.

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