Bizarre New Chinese Marriage Law – Men Only!

Bizarre New Chinese Marriage Law – Men Only!

In current weeks, in the Peoples’ Republic of China, the Chinese government has implemented a controversial turnaround in its age-old marriage laws, and get this, it is in favor of men!

The net and newspaper columns are rife in China now with talk of this new law, even cartoons displaying women crying their eyes out, although their husbands appear on having a smug grin on their face happen to be displayed everywhere; and it has to be said, when the Chinese government does finally do a thing, they do it significantly!

For many years now, there has been a social phenomenon that has been causing a fantastic deal of grief within Chinese society. Traditionally, inside Chinese culture, a Chinese woman could marry for financial factors, i.e. she viewed as the man to merely be a very good provider, and/or marrying the man will be a status upgrade. This was completely acceptable in the culture, and nobody would have believed any the less of her!

Everyone familiar with China, and Chinese marriage laws, will realize that for really several decades the marriage laws, rightly or wrongly, have already been in favor of the female in this style, for example, a lady could marry a wealthy man then locate an excuse to divorce him at a later stage, which led to ‘the gold digger’, who would then divorce and get half of almost everything with the men (and more in a lot of circumstances).

What is this new law? Well, here it can be, and what an astounding groundbreaking law it is actually, not just in China, but inside the complete modern developed planet: If a Chinese lady marries a man, then at a later stage gets divorced, when the man originally had purchased the home, then he gets to keep the property… regardless of what!

As Chinese wedding customs are so vastly distinct from western ones, it ought to be noted, that it’s the groom or the groom’s family members who ordinarily need to obtain the house ahead of he can marry his bride. The home was a type of guarantee to the bride that even when she got divorced, she would get one thing! But not any longer!

What does this imply for western men wishing to marry Chinese brides? Certainly one of two factors:

1. Lots of Chinese females will finally quit marrying males for financial circumstances and will marry for really like…

Or, and most worryingly,…

2. Chinese ladies will start out marrying much more western men, as they know western marriage laws, and American marriage laws especially will let them maintain half or more!

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