How to Present the Best Evidence to Your Personal Injury Attorney

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You’ve been in a wreck and now you have to present the entire issue to a lawyer. Depending on how serious your injury is this might not be the easiest thing to do. You might have to depend on a family member or friend to speak on your behalf. Not all of us know what the right move is when gathering all information to give to the lawyer to see if we have a case at all. All you know is that you were injured either on the job or while driving your car. You might even be faced with a lawsuit where someone claims you injured them on your front lawn. Whatever the case might be, here are some ways to get the best evidence for your personal injury lawyer.

How to Present the Best Evidence to Your Personal Injury Attorney


Write down from memory what you remember about the entire incident. This could be anything like the weather, or what day it was and who was there. Things might be a little foggy, but once you start writing it might come back to you. Try to stick with factual things that happened and you are sure they are true. It might help to get someone or something to back up that claim, so you don’t sound ridiculous. Facts can go a long way in a court case, and it could help you win some points with the jury.


Consider being your own detective and scan the area where things went down to see who saw it. This could be other co-workers who were there at the time you fell of the equipment. See if they are willing to sign on and give a statement that you can give to your attorney if the issue goes to trial. This will help you back up your side of the story. Witnesses can be a powerful thing as they sit on the stand telling what they saw and how it happened. They will need to be in line with what you are saying to make sure things match up. Try to find as many witnesses as you can to assist you in your fight to either get compensation or prove your innocence. You can get help with any personal injury everett wa.


If at any time you received medical treatment, you need to have those records handy to give to your personal injury attorney. These are so helpful in that the attorney can get a good idea of how bad you are hurting and what the injury has done to your overall health. If you are now walking with a cane or a limp, then this can be a sign that you’ve been seriously damaged by the injury overall. Medical records will tell a story that you can’t when talking to your attorney. They let the personal injury lawyer determine how much compensation they should fight for on your behalf. Have your records organized and readily available either in a PDF file or actual paper that you can hand over to the attorney’s staff.

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