Civil Situations

Civil Court HearingThe goal of this page is to shed some light on how extended it usually requires between a person lodging their case with the county court and a hearing taking place, if one is needed. The Assignment Commissioner supervises the overall operation of the office, which includes the assignment of trials to the judges coordination of all scheduled court dates with judges on specially assigned matters, as effectively as approving, scheduling, and coordinating all other court calendars maintained by the Assignment Workplace and the re-assignment and transfer of court instances from a single courtroom to a different.

The hearings scheduled include, but are not limited to, preliminary inquiries, pre-trial hearings, adjudicatory hearings, dispositions, permanency placement hearings, peace orders, adoptions, detention hearings, emergency hearings for delinquent and CINA instances, restitution hearings, assessment hearings, violations of probation, waivers to adult court, shelter care hearings, and termination of parental rights.

Bench warrants are presided over by the Duty Judge each day at 1:30 p.m. If there are any bench warrants/body attachments returnable to person judges only, the judge can direct the Assignment Workplace to send the defendant to the duty judge with guidelines as to bond, or schedule the bench warrant/physique attachment hearing just before himself/herself for that same day.

This devoted civil discovery calendar is intended as an exception to San Joaquin Nearby Rule 3-101 by which common civil actions are assigned for all purposes to a single civil division. Claims may well also have been originally issued at one more court or the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre. Counsel, or self-represented parties, wishing to appear by telephone, have to be offered at the designated date and time of the hearing and remain accessible until their matter is heard. The Typical Duty Judge handles emergency matters that pertain to civil and criminal matters.

You could get a full refund of the hearing fee if you notify the court in writing, at least 7 clear calendar days (excluding the date of receipt and date of hearing) just before the trial date or begin of the trial week, that the case is settled or discontinued. The Assignment Workplace functions closely with the Excellent Control Division to monitor all court circumstances filed with the Circuit Court.

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