Booking A Wedding Registrar

Booking Wedding RegistrarPlease note that all statutory costs are non-refundable and that charges are topic to evaluation in April each and every year. I’ve sent them an e mail and explained I need to have to book a registrar I’ve put the deposit down on the venue for 5th Sept 2012 so I’ll just have to see what takes place now! If your wedding ceremony is becoming held in the Bathgate Registration Office, you can submit your marriage paperwork there. I contacted them and they have confirmed I cant NOT book a registar any earlier than 12 months prior to my wedding date. In addition both parties will need to have to give in person a separate notice of marriage to the Superintendent Registrar for the Registration District exactly where they reside.

They will now send out paperwork and then up to a year ahead of the wedding date we go and give notice of marriage!! Your venue should inform you which district they are in. Ring the registrar and see if you can provisionally book your day and time. Both of you need to ring the registrar regional to exactly where you reside and make an appointment to ‘give notice’. You ought to note that a marriage booking is only valid if you stick to the booking process detailed beneath.

After you have selected your venue, book your registrar as soon as possible, even if it is a couple of years in advance of your ceremony. Just before the ceremony you will be asked to total a questionnaire and return it to us so that the Registrar performing the ceremony has all of the necessary details. Wedding or civil partnership registrations are held mid week Monday to Wednesday in our Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering offices topic to availability.

Any two persons, regardless of sex or exactly where they live, may possibly marry in Scotland as lengthy as they meet the criteria as highlighted in the Marriage in Scotland RM1 leaflet (PDF, 36kb) Couples in an existing Scottish Civil Partnership can adjust their Civil Partnership into a marriage , if they want. If you are unsure of whether to select the Superintendent’s Office or Backhouse Hall, The Superintendent Registrar will show and clarify to you each choices. About 3 months ahead of your ceremony, we will post the Marriage Notice types and explanatory Marriage in Scotland leaflet to you. The marriage schedule must then be returned to the registrar within three days of the wedding.

You can only give notice at a register office if you have lived in the registration district for at least the previous 7 days and have proof of venue booking at least 28 days prior to your ceremony. Get in touch with the registrar in the district exactly where your wedding will take spot and ask them. When you arrive prior to the ceremony, you will be greeted by the Registrar for a short meeting.

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