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Guidelines on Selecting a Legal Document Preparer The legal preparation industry has been around since the 1980s. The primary function of legal preparers is to help clients represent themselves in legal matters by preparing and processing documents. The services of document preparers are mostly sought out by clients involved in minor needs or uncontested matters without involving the high costs that come with hiring an attorney. An interesting fact to note is that these services have become popular even among lawyers that once viewed legal document preparers as their enemy. This can be attributed to the fact that there are instances whereby the law firm does not have the expertise to get the work done or it may have staff shortages. These services are useful to new law firms that are still trying to make a name for themselves while reducing the costs of overhead or an established firm that wants to venture into a new area of practice, but they do not want to hire additional staff or commit extra time towards the venture. The truth is that hiring a qualified and experienced legal document preparer is vital for any person seeking such services. A known fact is that the client should look into the qualifications of the document preparer and they should at least have a paralegal degree or training. It is wise to choose an experienced firm since the client will get the guarantee that the document preparer is not fumbling with their documents but knows exactly what they are doing. It is vital that the person that is offering the document preparation services be certified by the branch of the supreme court in the area of practice. A little known fact is that legal document preparers work as solos or as part of larger combinations and thus the client should also choose a document preparer firm whose method of working they are comfortable with. It is worth remembering the fact that the ethics of the legal document preparer firm are also worth looking into such that the legal document preparer is aware whether they have been delegated any attorney functions. If the document preparer decides to infringe on their role and makes moves on the client then, the contract should be terminated. When a lawyer seeks the services of a document preparer, they should ensure that the document preparer comprehends the fact that all legal counsel should only come from the attorney and not from the document preparer.
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Pricing is also an important point to consider and the client should ensure that they are familiar with the rates and the types of payment that the document preparer accepts. In most cases document preparer firms charge a flat fee per document but some charge hourly and per-project fees and thus the client should be clear on the type of pricing that the firm has.
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It is important to note that the services of a document preparer are vital and it is pertinent to select the right document preparer firm.

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