Booking Wedding RegistrarA civil marriage can take location in a registration office , or at any location agreed amongst the registration authority and the couple, and can only be solemnised by a Registrar. They will now send out paperwork and then up to a year ahead of the wedding date we go and give notice of marriage!! Your venue should inform you which district they are in. Ring the registrar and see if you can provisionally book your day and time. Each of you require to ring the registrar local to exactly where you live and make an appointment to ‘give notice’. You should note that a marriage booking is only valid if you follow the booking process detailed below.

Also we are unable to accept payments for deposits more than the telephone or accept emailed booking types as the booking type requirements to be signed by the parties as you are getting into into a legally binding contract with us. Charges for wedding ceremonies are payable 4 months before the date of your ceremony or immediately if booked within four months of ceremony date.

Once notice has been entered, you will get written confirmation of your booking assuring you of our attendance at your ceremony. We checked the registrar was offered prior to booking the venue, then produced a provisional booking of the registrar. The equipment need to be battery operated, as neither the neighborhood authority nor the Registrar undertake to provide any power source or accept responsibility for any harm or loss to any gear while on the premises.

A wedding album is a very specific memento – and we are satisfied for photography to take place in the ceremony space at specified instances. Please include any outstanding costs and anything that your conducting registrar will want for the ceremony, such as readings. If you would like much more, please let your registrar know as quickly as possible prior to your wedding day. You ought to go over your chosen date and time at any of our registration offices to book a registrar.

You really should book the venue before the registrar if your wedding is at a venue other than the registration workplace. It is advised that you do not spend any costs to venues until you have confirmed our availability to attend your wedding as we can’t be accountable for not being capable to accommodate agreements with venues prior to checking our availability. Please note that your provisional booking basically retains a time slot for a registrar to attend your ceremony. You significantly each and every compete a marriage notice form, obtainable to download here, Marriage notice and guidance notes – Kind M10 (PDF, 101kb) , or accessible from any Registrar in Scotland.

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