Concurrent LiabilityThere is a conceptual distinction amongst torts and contracts, and in the Maltese Civil Code these two sources are dealt with in various sections of the law. Section five and section 2 of the Limitation Act 1980 state that the limitation period for an action in straightforward contract or tort, respectively, is six years from the date on which the lead to of action accrued”. The final essential distinction is that the applicability of statutes relating to contribution and apportionment between concurrent wrongdoers may possibly rely on regardless of whether each wrongdoers are tortfeasors, or no matter if one is a tortfeasor and a single merely in breach of contract (Feldthusen, pg 99). Tort: the plaintiff is to be put in the position it would have been in had the misrepresentation not been created.

Despite the fact that the Court of Appeal disagreed that the loss claimed by Wellesley was as well remote for a claim in contract, it concluded that the tortious rule need to mirror the contractual position in situations of concurrent liability. To begin, I will outline the basis of every single claim in contract and in tort prior to thinking of the nuances in between actions and concluding how such nuances impact a claimant. The initially area of distinction is the application of limitation periods, while a textual analysis of the Limitation Act shows little difference in the rules, the sensible application of limitation in tort and contract is distinct.

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