Attire for a Civil Wedding

If you are planning a civil wedding, you need to know the proper attire for it. Generally, you need to wear a white dress with a sash in front of it. The bride will also need a white veil. Guests should wear semi-formal or formal attire, depending on the time of day and location. It is important to ask your hosts about any specific dress code and find out if you can wear anything else.

Dress code

If you are planning on attending a civil wedding, you may be wondering about the dress code. Since this type of ceremony is typically held at a government office, it is not mandatory for you to follow a strict dress code. However, smart casual is considered appropriate. Men should wear trousers and a collared shirt. Do not wear slippers or khaki pants. They should also refrain from wearing sleeveless shirts.


A civil ceremony is much more relaxed than a traditional ceremony. Depending on the venue, civil wedding attire may be a chic white ensemble, a slim-cut suit, or a boho-chic outfit. If you’d like to look more playful, you might consider a short dress with a flounced skirt and colorful wedding shoes. There are several styles of civil wedding attire to choose from, and you can easily find a dress that matches your style and the season.


You can dress to impress in pastel shades for a civil wedding. You can also wear a chic white ensemble, tailored jumpsuit, or slim-cut … Read the rest >>>