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Top Legal Professions One of the most interesting and most admired field in the corporate world is law. The legal arena has done quite a bit of growth over the years. One can specialize in a variety of areas when it comes to law. The growth of this industry has been necessitated by the ever-changing world people live in today. Some of the disputes and problems facing people require the assistance of legal professionals. Law has been around for a very long time. A number of domains have been created within the field of law to help improve how people resolve legal problems. One can find a variety of lawyers at a law firm, each specific to a certain line of duty. Some of the types of lawyers are mentioned below. Family Lawyers Most family lawyers tend to cover every area within the family law. However, there are those who take up a specific area. Some of the issues handled include divorce, custody battles, and prenuptial agreements. They are well conversant with legal problems that pertain to the family.
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Criminal Defense lawyer
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Criminal defense attorneys represent people who have been faulted for committing criminal offenses. They focus on helping these criminals reduce their sentences or stay out of jail. Many of these professionals have had a lot of experience with work in the DA’s office. They handle a variety of cases such as drug trafficking, murders, and assault. Corporate Lawyers Business law is very broad and this gives business lawyers an opportunity to work in different areas. They are able to take care of issues like accusations, employment, and intellectual property. Some enjoy working on the basic legal tasks required in businesses such as company formation, while others prefer a variety for instance issues relating to tax compliance. It’s interesting to note that there are two types of lawyers, the business litigation lawyer who deals with business lawsuits and the business transactions lawyer who focuses on basic transactions. Intellectual Property Attorneys There are three different areas that the law covers when it comes to intellectual property. These areas are trademarks, patents and copyrights. IP lawyers ensure that no one gets access to the intellectual property. An IP lawyer can choose which law to focus on, however, patent law is a bit more complex. A patent lawyer requires more than just a license and a regular law degree. In most cases, they need a technical background on specific areas such as engineering, software development, or life sciences. It is difficult to find an IP lawyer with skills in all the three areas. Nonetheless,there are different lawyers with different areas of specialization in different law firms.

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