Obtaining Married

Booking Wedding RegistrarI am due to get married on 25th may well 2012 and when we booked the venue we were told to book a registrar. Im finding married in August 2013 and the registra has advised me make contact with them in August this year to make the booking. If you have any queries about this get in touch with the Superintendent Registrar at the Register Office. A wedding or civil partnership ceremony is made for couples where the celebratory specifications outweigh all other considerations. We booked our registrar just just before christmas and we arent obtaining married till december 2012.

If you make a decision to use your own poem then please make certain a copy is accessible for the Superintendent Registrar to see prior to your ceremony. Please get in touch with the venue of your option to check availability and choices, but do not confirm any bookings until you have checked with the Register Workplace to assure a registrar is obtainable.

On the other hand each Register Workplace, Venue and Religious Constructing can decide on to present availability depending upon its sources and other demands so the time of the wedding will depend upon availability of the Registrar or Church and the venue. Each and every celebration need to attend personally just before the Superintendent Registrar of the district in which they have had their usual residence, to give their personal notice of marriage. If your wedding is to be held in Bathgate Registration Office, you ought to take a look at or post it that workplace.

Any two persons, regardless of sex or exactly where they live, may possibly marry in Scotland as long as they meet the criteria as highlighted in the Marriage in Scotland RM1 leaflet (PDF, 36kb) Couples in an existing Scottish Civil Partnership can modify their Civil Partnership into a marriage , if they want. If you are unsure of whether or not to pick the Superintendent’s Office or Backhouse Hall, The Superintendent Registrar will show and explain to you both possibilities. About three months ahead of your ceremony, we will post the Marriage Notice types and explanatory Marriage in Scotland leaflet to you. The marriage schedule must then be returned to the registrar inside 3 days of the wedding.

As soon as you have confirmed your wedding date and time, you will then want to make an appointment to give Legal Notice of your Intention to Marry, to the Superintendent Registrar of the district in which you live. Further charges will apply depending on the choice of ceremony space, the number of folks attending, for ceremonies taking place outdoors regular workplace hours and where the registrar has to go to another venue such as a hotel. Recording can include things like any type of recording device from a single operator but please inform the Registrar beforehand.

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