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Solicitors For Civil MattersOught to you ever discover yourself embroiled in a dispute then our team can offer you the tips and assistance you want in producing or defending a claim. We will work closely with you, offering simple, legal guidance and guide you through each aspect of your Civil Dispute Lawsuit. We are also registered with the Scottish Legal Help Board need to you qualify for Civil Suggestions and Help or Complete Legal Help. We successfully represent customers in civil litigation disputes across Merseyside, the North West and further afield. Haroon has previously worked in the private and voluntary sector, he has practical experience in Criminal Law, Welfare, Debt, Housing Law and Civil Law.

In addition to the cuts that have currently been imposed on all locations of Legal Aid, and the precise pattern of the government fiscal policy, we are nevertheless able to meet the demands put upon us with substantially good results and pride. The granting of criminal legal aid by the court is dependant on a defendant passing a ‘means test’ (that his implies are insufficient for him to pay for his own defence) and a ‘merits test’ (that it is in the interests of justice he need to have absolutely free legal help).

But you may have to contribute towards the expense of your legal representation from your income or capital. There are some civil matters that we can not provide legal aid in, such as defamation (formerly known as libel and slander), most house disputes and alcohol licencing applications. For all practical purposes, the signing of the Partnership Registration register at the appointed moment just before a registrar and two witnesses constitutes the registration of a civil partnership. You need to apply by way of the Civil Legal Advice helpline for debt, discrimination or special educational needs instances.

He has extensive knowledge of representing the client’s just before the Immigration Asylum Chamber on Immigration, Nationality and Asylum matters which includes complicated matters and Judical Critique cases. If you are receiving Legal Representation or Family members Assist (Greater) you can’t apply for a charge remission as your solicitor will pay your court or tribunal fee for you.

Civil Litigation is different from Criminal Situations since typically no crime has been committed. On the other hand applicants will be assessed on their economic suggests and on the merit of their circumstances just before the grant of Legal Help. We are seasoned in all varieties of conveyancing matters, both private and industrial, and have vast practical experience in dealing with dispute resolution over land matters.

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