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Solicitors For Civil MattersUsually in life there may well be occasions when you will need to get in touch with upon the services of a solicitor to deal with a dispute or other matter involving you and someone else, when these private matters do not involve the Crown or you are not dealing with a criminal action/prosecution these services normally fall beneath the realm of civil litigation. To take benefit of our cost-free initial consultation (excluding matrimonial matters), please get in touch with us these days on either of the above numbers. SLAB gives information on firms registered to provide legal help solutions, like through the solicitor finder for the purposes of public info. You may well wish to speak to a member of staff in our law centres if you are unsure that civil legal aid will cover your challenge. Edwards Solicitors are able to suggestions on a range of subjects in the conduct of your organization or to folks.

As professional Wills and probate solicitors in Enfield, the Shepherd Harris & Co group are very experienced in the location of contentious probate. If the charges are subsequently brought to court a solicitor may possibly be in a position to apply to the court for the grant of a criminal legal help certificate. Civil Litigation can trigger all sorts of difficulties for our clientele and we are there to help and advise as well as support and listen with practical legal assistance. Depending on your economic circumstances you may possibly have to pay a contribution towards your assistance and help in civil matters.

We have franchise to present legal aid for Housing Matters, Debt Matters, Loved ones Matters and Welfare Advantages. For matrimonial matters we provide an initial appointment (up to 30 minutes) at a fixed £60 fee (plus VAT). Civil litigation solicitors in High Holborn providing assistance to people and commercial consumers who are involved in disputes.

We can advise on matters relating to pre nuptial agreements, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and considerably more. I you really feel you have a personal grievance or injury and you may advantage from civil action then contact us to arrange an appointment, we can run thought the case with you, clarify your choices and then act on your behalf, we are delighted to help in any way we can, there is no fee for the initial consultation, get in touch with us today. We are able to provide Civil Legal Aid and Guidance & Assistance to those who might qualify for legal aid.

The Civil Legal Guidance helpline on 0345 345 4345 can also advise you on whether or not you are eligible for legal aid. If no regional firm is listed when you search below the civil category, use all varieties of case to come across the largest quantity of solicitor firms closest to you. The facts SLAB holds on firms has been supplied by solicitor firms or organisations when they registered to carry out legal aid perform and from a survey in June 2015.

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