Book A Registrar For Your Ceremony

Booking Wedding RegistrarWhen you have offered your notice of marriage/civil partnership, we can give you a copy of the notice. Please note that it is necessary that you agree the date and time with both the Superintendent Registrar and the venue before producing any other arrangements. If so, just go on your council site and look for the telephone quantity of the superintendent registrar. You are welcome to bring your personal music for the wedding (on CD or MP3 player) or we can provide something suitable (selected by ourselves).

They will now send out paperwork and then up to a year just before the wedding date we go and give notice of marriage!! Your venue should inform you which district they are in. Ring the registrar and see if you can provisionally book your day and time. Both of you will need to ring the registrar regional to exactly where you reside and make an appointment to ‘give notice’. You need to note that a marriage booking is only valid if you comply with the booking process detailed beneath.

Any two persons, regardless of sex or where they live, might marry in Scotland as long as they meet the criteria as highlighted in the Marriage in Scotland RM1 leaflet (PDF, 36kb) Couples in an existing Scottish Civil Partnership can modify their Civil Partnership into a marriage , if they wish. If you are unsure of whether to choose the Superintendent’s Workplace or Backhouse Hall, The Superintendent Registrar will show and explain to you both alternatives. About three months prior to your ceremony, we will post the Marriage Notice forms and explanatory Marriage in Scotland leaflet to you. The marriage schedule ought to then be returned to the registrar within 3 days of the wedding.

Particulars about our charges and the occasions we offer you and how to book a wedding at one of our approved venues can be discovered elsewhere in this web page. Your legal notice of marriage must then be given to the Superintendent Registrar of the district in which you live, within a single year of the date of the ceremony regardless of where within England or Wales the marriage is to take place. While portion of the United Kingdom, marriage laws in Scotland and Northern Ireland are unique to these in England and Wales. To help you decide, read our wedding brochure and appear at what wedding fairs may well be coming up.

You should nevertheless get in touch with the Register Office or location of marriage to make the suitable ceremony booking ahead of giving notice of marriage at Middlesbrough. An official or nominated photographer/videographer is welcome to stand with the Registrar for the duration of the wedding to capture the event. Then confirm with the Superintendent Registrar that our registration officers will be obtainable on that day at that time.

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