4 Things You Should Remember During an Uncontested Divorce

4 Things You Should Remember During an Uncontested Divorce

When you agree to an uncontested divorce, what you are really consenting to is that you agree with almost everything the other party asks for. For some individuals with no children, walking away from the little they accumulated in life is easy. For others that have an extensive portfolio of property or assets, a decision by both parties to abide by the prenuptial agreement makes an unchallenged divorce the right path to take. No matter why you and your partner decide to choose an uncontested divorce, there are a few things you should remember while waiting for it to become final.

1. Too Much Information

You may feel single again, and you may want to party with your friends. Part of the modern adult playground is social media, and therein lies the problem. Don’t post too much information about your public or private escapades on social media if you don’t want to upset your partner or cause contention in your relationship. Information can spread rapidly, and jealousy can flare quickly. If your partner gets angry, a few misplaced words on a post can compromise your uncontested divorce Tampa.

2. Too Many Friends

You and your spouse may have agreed to the divorce, but that doesn’t mean you agree on all life decisions. You may also agree to live separate lives, but that doesn’t mean your “ex” wants to see you with someone else or hear about your dating life from mutual friends. If you start a whirlwind of chaotic dating, including your spouse’s friends, you can expect a backlash that includes turning that uncontested divorce into a contested battle.

3. Too Much Contention

No matter how old your children are, they don’t want to hear negative comments about your soon-to-be “ex.” If you have opinions that could cause contention, keep them to yourself. Older children will think you are trying to poison or manipulate their view of the other parent, and younger children will innocently ask your “ex” about the comment. Either way, it will harm your chances of following through with that unchallenged divorce.

4. Too Much Trust

No matter how much you trust your spouse, make sure you understand the household finances, joint assets, and credit card balances. Keep copies of all essential papers and update all personal records. Your future is in your hands; you need to take charge of it.

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, make sure you understand the restrictions you are accepting. Protecting yourself by avoiding social media, refraining from whirlwind dating, and abstaining from negative comments about the other person are all part of the agreement.

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