Civil Case DefendantA defendant is a individual or entity that is facing a civil lawsuit , or that has been accused of a crime. For instance, if the jury believes that there is a lot more than a 50% probability that the defendant was negligent in causing the plaintiff’s injury, the plaintiff wins. In criminal instances, the testifying witnesses are just a bit distinct since a criminal defendant (the accused individual) can not be forced to testify. Though, the identical act may spawn each a civil and a criminal case, the two legal instances are always kept separate. The judge or jury is not expected to award the plaintiff the quantity he or she asks for. In part, this is because a different common or burden of proof is needed in criminal case.

In most situations the burden of proof, like the burden of going forward, shifts from one side to the other through the course of a trial as the case progresses and evidence is introduced by each side. In other words, when the plaintiff successfully shows trigger for his or her claim, the defendant have to prove his or her case to the court. The guidelines of procedure by which private rights are enforced the rules by which civil actions are governed.

If the defense does present a case and contact witnesses, the very same guidelines and procedures that governed presentation of evidence by the prosecution now apply to proof presented by the defense like the opportunity for the prosecutor … Read the rest >>>

Civil Ceremony Wedding ProgramNEW: In May 2016, government announced a number of improvements to the Civil Weddings Plan We are now accepting applications from Nova Scotians who want to turn into Justices of the Peace. If you have chosen a variety of service music not found in the parish hymnal, although, you may want to incorporate the music in your system. Pick this option to save income or to add your own private touch for instance, you (or a friend) might use scrapbooking supplies and tools to custom-make fancy wedding applications. Think about selecting a style that corresponds with your invites or dream up a thing new and thrilling just for the ceremony.

We file the Spousal Visa Application and sadly, the Embassy sent us a letter two weeks ago stating Post 15 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, hence, telling me that my husband is nevertheless legally married to his ex-wife, because they discovered in their records that each of them are still Citizens of the Philippines. Songs and poetry that are read throughout the ceremony may also be ideal appreciated by the audience if it is in the wedding plan wording.

It shall be the duty of the person solemnizing the marriage to furnish either of the contracting parties the original of the marriage certificate referred to in Post six and to send the duplicate and triplicate copies of the certificate not later than fifteen days soon after the marriage, to the nearby civil registrar of the place where the … Read the rest >>>