Civil Liability ConventionThis Protocol extends the application of the 1969 Liability Convention to contain the exclusive financial zone of a Contracting State established in accordance with international law, or if a Contracting State has not established such a zone, in an region beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea of that State determined by that State in accordance with international law and extending not much more than 200 nautical miles from baseline from which the breadth of its territorial sea is measured (art. As soon as this Convention comes into force, the text shall be transmitted by the Secretary-Common to the Secretariat of the United Nations for registration and publication in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations. They will need to acquire a certificate covering 1969 CLC liabilities from one more source in order to be permitted to enter the waters of States parties to the 1969 CLC.

The 1969 CLC entered into force in 1975 and lays down the principle of strict liability (i.e. liability even in the absence of fault) for tanker owners and creates a system of compulsory liability insurance coverage. Nothing in this Convention shall have an effect on the appropriate of the shipowner and the individual or persons giving insurance or other financial security to limit liability beneath any applicable national or international regime, such as the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 1976, as amended. The judgment of the Court of appeal of Paris was appealed in cassation by … Read the rest >>>

Civil Liability ConventionThe civil liability regime for ship-supply oil pollution enables national victims of oil spill harm to make monetary claims against domestic and non-domestic tanker owners and, in specific situations, the international oil cargo market. The 1971 Fund Convention offered for the payment of supplementary compensation to those who could not acquire full compensation for oil pollution harm under the 1969 CLC. The Canadian Government’s claim for charges and expenses incurred is presented to, and paid by, the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund. The consolidated text of CLC 1969, as modified by the 1992 Protocol, is referred to as the 1992 Civil Liability Convention.

See: Ibrahima, D. Recovering Harm to the Atmosphere per se Following an Oil Spill: the Shadows and Lights of the Civil Liability and Fund Conventions”, RECIEL, 14-1, 2005, p. 64. The Canadian compensation regime is based on the basic principle that the shipowner is mostly liable for oil pollution brought on by the ship. If the flag state was a celebration to each the 1969 and 1992 CLC the shipowner received in return a certificate certifying that the shipowner had in location insurance coverage covering liabilities beneath both conventions.

First, the Convention sets up an international civil liability scheme operating among the natural or legal persons impacted whose claims for compensation of pollution damage, if not settled otherwise, ought to be submitted to the competent national court of the State exactly where the polluting damage occurred or preventive measures were taken.

Payments of compensation and the administrative … Read the rest >>>

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