County Court Civil ProcedureSection 202.four County Court Judge Ex Parte Applications in Supreme Court Actions Applications for Settlement of Supreme Court Actions. Amendments are created to provide for a new court based process enabling those left behind when a person disappears to get a declaration from the High Court that the missing person is to be deemed to have died. A signpost is added to help users by indicating the rules contained in other components of the CPR which disapply the rules about supply of documents from court records. Rule 3.8 is amended to present that parties may well agree, in writing, to an extension of time, up to a maximum of 28 days without an application to the court. All forms are readily available in WORD, WORD – Template or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Given that the rules had been substantially amended in 2007 there has been a large amount of case law in respect of the application of the guidelines to various aspects of settlement which includes fraudulent claims and provides in respect of a split trial). In other kinds of case the court will have the discretion to implement costs management and parties will be in a position to apply for costs management if it is deemed suitable by the situations of the person case.

There are over 200 county courts in England and Wales and, in most situations, the claimant can situation proceedings in any court he chooses, though instances are generally heard at the court possessing jurisdiction more … Read the rest >>>