Civil Case DefendantIf you are looking for case files, filing costs, case documents, case filings, images of case documents, rulings or marriage records please click on the link for the Clerk of Court web page under. Definition: Parties shall confer and prepare Joint Pretrial Statement as a single document and it shall incorporate stipulations of material fact and law, contested troubles, separate statements of other material details and law, list of witnesses, list of exhibits, brief statement of case to be read to jury through voir dire, and other technical problems.

In criminal cases, due to the fact the person charged with a crime (defendant) is presumed to be innocent until established guilty, the prosecution have to prove the case beyond a affordable doubt.” This does not imply beyond all feasible or speculative doubt, but it does mean the court or jury must have an abiding conviction to a moral certainty of the truth of the charge.

If the facts justify the remedy the plaintiff is searching for, the court will hold the defendant liable, or legally accountable. In criminal circumstances, a victim of a crime does not sue, but rather the State (plaintiff) sues the individual allegedly committing the crime (defendant), and the victim becomes a witness in the case. In other words, for the plaintiff to win the case, the judge or a jury ought to believe that the weight of the plaintiff’s evidence is greater than the weight of the defendant’s evidence. Civil circumstances involve non-criminal conflicts, such as … Read the rest >>>