Application Proceedings In Civil ProcedureThis is the third part of our introduction to our civil court program These articles are intended to introduce you to some of the concepts you will encounter in our civil court program. On delivery of notice by either celebration to the other in terms of this sub-rule, the summons shall be deemed to be a notice of motion and the proceedings shall then be deemed to be proceedings commenced in terms of r six. The Trial Court Rules also cover topics such as the procedure for filing a motion to disqualify a judge, electronic filing, and mass litigation.

When a creditor wants to seize the house of his debtor to preserve it for recovering his claim (‘provisional attachment’), he may well lodge an application in court. As a rule the legal proceedings will finish with the judgment of this second Court of Appeal. Most critically, Rule 59.10 of the Uniform Civil Process Guidelines 2005 now delivers that proceedings for judicial evaluation of a decision need to be commenced within 3 months of the date of the choice.

In terms of rule 49(1), a celebration in search of to rescind or differ a default judgment has twenty court days, from the date on which the judgment came to his expertise, to serve and file the application for rescission. It is to be noticed that, even though parties may possibly represent themselves in a civil or industrial case ahead of the Subdistrict Court, they nonetheless have to file their legal claim … Read the rest >>>